I'm back! (...again)

Hey guys!

Yes — I refreshed the blog again.

The last website design I had was very functional, but I think in hindsight it was more set up for writing for the sake of writing, rather than writing what my actual thoughts were.

It was nice to have one coherent space for my writing, my music, code/programming snippets, etc. but I found that the only things I wrote that I really believed in were personal things. With all the other categories I'd set up, this left gaping holes that in addition to making the site look bare, made me try to fill the lacklustre categories with whatever I could think of. This resulted in a site with content that was spread too thin and ended up reading like a high school English assignment.

So — I'm not going to make a promise to keep this blog updated.

I'll definitely write here as and when, but it'll only be when I have something to say — rather than just when I've got a spare 10 minutes and I've not written in a while.

If you've made it this far, thank you! I'll probably put a tweet out when I post anything new, so feel free to follow my twitter if you want to be notified on new posts.

Look forward to writing more soon — but not too soon.

— Charlie