Hi, I'm Charlie.

I make websites, write music, play videogames, skateboard, film stuff and write stories and non-fiction, not necessarily in that order.

Here's where I write about all of that stuff. Have a look around!

Go-To Applications

30th January 2014

As I've just upgraded to an iMac, here's a selection of go-to apps I use every day.

Palehound - Bent Nail EP

23rd January 2014

One of the most interesting sounds of 2013, and definitely one to keep an eye on

Gathering Dust

9th January 2014

The latest edit from Kiefer Passey features all the ZSK regulars, as well as a few new faces from overseas.

Childish Gambino - Because the Internet

20th December 2013

Donald Glover shows the world once again that there really is nothing he can't do.

Down There - Chapter 1

27th November 2013

"It seems so small, doesn't it Harry?"

The Last Of Us

27th November 2013

TL;DR - Worth buying a PS3 for, even at this point in it's lifetime.